Vicky & Chris’ Birth Story

July 17, 2023


Vicky shares her empowering birth story with us. Vicky had an unknown case of Pre-eclampsia which she only found out about when she was in labour. In this story she talks about how she applied all her learnings from the course to make her birth experience a positive one. You will learn about making informed decisions and birth plan changes.



My mum came from our country to stay at ours three weeks before our EDD so I had booked several activities to spend some time together prior to the birth. So, we were having afternoon tea at Harrods when my tummy started aching. It felt very much like period cramps. Then we went for a walk in Hyde Park and the pain continued to be light pressure on the back and lower front. By dinner time the pain was quite strong on the back, but I didn’t think it was contractions as it didn’t come and go as I was expecting! As I wasn’t sure, I rang the hospital and they said that was definitely labour which made me quite nervous.

My husband started to massage my back and played the hypnobirthing MP3’s. After an hour I decided I wanted to go into the hospital as the pain was constant and getting really strong. I had a tens machine I had rented online which really helped me on the taxi to the hospital, I also had my headphones on with the MP3’s. I was constantly imagining my peaceful place which is the beach.

When we arrived at triage at about 10pm and they assessed me, I was only 4 cm dilated. I was clear then with the midwife that I wanted to give birth in the midwife unit. However, my blood pressure was over 180 so the midwives were not happy and they called the doctor who gave me two options: either I had to be monitored permanently or they would try to reduce the pressure with a pill.
I went for the pill as the monitoring cables were not allowing me to move as I wanted, and my husband couldn’t massage my back.

I had to stay still for about 3 hours. It was literally impossible, my hips wanted to move side to side, my legs wanted to walk, I wanted to scream, and I wanted my husband‘s massages which were by far the best thing along with gas and air.

The midwives were quite tired of me not staying still. I knew what my wishes were and how important it was for me to be able to have a positive birth experience.

I applied what I learnt in the Hypnobirthing course with Maria to be able to make informed decisions and to focus on what what was important to me and to my birthing experience. I didn’t take NO for an answer, and kept requesting to go to the birthing pool room since we have been in the antenatal unit for over 4 hours.

After insisting so much, they assessed me again and I was 7 cm dilated. At that moment, I debated whether to get an epidural, they said their preference was to take me to the labour ward where doctors could monitor my pressure, however, I was insisting on no cables.

Finally, a doctor came to check my blood pressure again to authorise my move to the midwife unit.

We arrived at the birthing room at about 3am and I was already pushing, my husband was very good at helping me with the breathing techniques.

The midwives played my MP3’s and I kept thinking about my relaxing place. I did not like being in the water because my husband could not massage my back and it was also almost too relaxing!
I felt like I couldn’t push in there for some reason! So I got out of the pool and sat against a bean bag, the pushing became more constant and after about an hour my baby girl arrived.

I found it very difficult to focus on the techniques so having my birth partner reminding me all we learnt with Maria and helping me along was crucial.

On a side note, my case was reviewed by several professionals, and it seems that I had an undiagnosed pre-eclampsia case.

I strongly believe that the high blood pressure made it more difficult for me to relax, adrenaline wanted to take over my body constantly and I had a headache. I found hypnobirthing extremely helpful in helping me fight that and also in giving me the tools to make the right decisions for me and my baby.

Thank you so much María for the amazing help in such a challenging but wonderful experience!


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