Tina & Martin’s Birth Story

August 1, 2023

Tina shares her positive birth story with induction of labour. Tina and Marty attended Tranquilo’s Hypnobirthing Zoom Course during Covid.



I was admitted to the induction ward on Tuesday morning around 6:30am. I was 2cms and had been having a few contractions starting the night before which I was just able to sleep through!

I had the balloon placed in my cervix and they asked me to stay in as I had already started having some contractions!

I was on the induction ward all Tuesday, used the yoga ball, listened to my music and walked around the hospital!

This was still during covid restrictions, so my husband was only allowed up at visiting times!

By 1am Wednesday morning I was 4cms and my surges were getting stronger, this is when I was introduced to gas and air which was a major help! I had to wait for a room in home from home which I got at 4:30am, at this stage I was 8cms by using gas and air and breathing techniques! I made a playlist and was distracting myself by moving around the ward as I could!

Once I moved to Home from Home my husband was able to join me, he supported me into different birthing positions and reminded me when to breathe , counting to 5 and thinking of my relaxing place by the sea!

I had originally wanted a water birth, I did get use of the birthing pool but my body needed many different positions to try and move baby boy down!

I listened to my body and the midwives, who had followed my birthing plan to a T and couldn’t have been more supportive! My husband was also my rock throughout this process, with him being involved in the hypnobirthing classes he was able to keep me calm and breathing and get me through my birthing process.

Your classes removed the fear of birth and gave us the knowledge of different birthing options, not to feel disappointed or stressed if it didn’t all go to plan and always a reminder of the end goal!


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