Robyn and Grant’s Birth Story

February 24, 2022

Robyn was expecting her third baby and she was aiming for a home birth. Here she shares this beautiful home birth story with us.

I went into labour exactly as I had with my previous two births, around 11pm. Previously I had not been able to sleep during early labour, too excited, anxious etc. But this time my surges didn’t cause any alarm and I settled back into sleep on and off until about 6am using my relaxation techniques. We had breakfast as a family with me rocking around the room and at about 8am things started getting a bit more intense and I was 100% sure labour was well and truly on its way.

I was super calm and comfortable using lots of movement, breathing and countdowns and we decided to call the midwife around 9:30am. It took about 45min before a homebirth midwife called us back and I was so calm on the phone she questioned whether it was time for them to come out. I was sure and having not had midwives at my previous homebirth I made it clear that it was time!

I used my birth ball and relaxed to my happy place being instantly transported and so vividly that I burst into tears. A memory I will cherish forever.

Surges increased in intensity so I got into the bath where the midwives found me and chatted and assessed the progress. They didn’t ask me to get out the bath as they could see I was coping so well and thought they had plenty of time . They got their kit together and within 20min of arrival they realised it was showtime – I made that unmistakable sound and both midwives and my husband snapped into action. Calmly I went back to my bedroom with my candles, aromatherapy and hand picked music. Thomas started making his way and for a brief second I became overwhelmed but my husband took over and counted me back down and did the best relaxing strokes ever and again I was able to let Thomas set the pace and he peacefully emerged at 12:20pm without a cry but a sweet gurgle to my favourite track. I was so present and mindful of every second and it was pure magic.

I’m still using the relaxation techniques and tracks to help catch sleep in between feeds and have created lifelong skills.

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