Hypnobirthing: more than just a Hippie birth method

February 28, 2021
If you think that Hypnobirthing is a hippie experience where women achieve an amazing birth by doing Hypnosis sessions and going into trance only then think again.


There are many parts that make a good, complete and reliable Hypnobirthing course; each is responsible for a portion of the experience and together they blend into a programme that targets birth anxiety and fear.


Part of that fear and anxiety is down to not knowing what to expect during the birth. In our Hypnobirthing classes we tackle every single aspect of giving birth by preparing mums to know what to expect when they go into labour and as a result, they go through it with the confidence they need to trust their body and look forward to their baby’s birth.


Women don’t have a positive birth experience only because they close their eyes and go into trance; they achieve a positive birth experience because:

  • They get taught the knowledge they need to understand what happens to their body when they are in labour and therefore, they birth confidently.
  • They learn the importance of remaining calm and the techniques to achieve it.
  • They plan and understand the choices that they need to make and the alternatives if something doesn’t go according to plan.
  • They talk to their birth partners about what is important to them and how they want to be supported.
  • They do relaxation sessions every night and during the day to change outdated beliefs and look forward to their baby’s birth.
  • They watch beautiful, raw and real birth videos to see another side to how women birth calmly instead of the drama of One Born Every Minute.
  • They get given different tools and techniques to learn how to cope with different emotions.
  • They practise the techniques every day until the birth.

Consider that…

Not every Hypnobirthing programme is the same, just like the quality of a buggy goes up in price, so does a good antenatal course. Our programme is one of the best programmes available, the techniques are easy to follow and effective, our hypnosis scripts are beautifully written, the videos are filmed and kindly shared by Wise Hippo couples and you get my support right up to the birth to air any questions or doubts, simply to hear a friendly voice or to add more modules or practice classes at the end.

Birth is the moment when you will meet your baby for the first time, it’s a moment that will live in your mind forever…Let it be a positive one!


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