How to stay on top of your hypnobirthing practice

January 5, 2021

I have finished my course! … Now what do I do?

After your hypnobirthing course, practicing what you have learnt is key to the success of the programme. Here are some tips to keep the momentum going and becoming an expert in relaxation.

1. A little goes a long way in hypnobirthing, nothing should be forced. Let your mind relax and let go of all those negative birth beliefs. Listen to the MP3’s when you go to sleep every night; you might fall asleep or simply relax and let your mind wander. Did you know that our mind continues to listen up to one hour after we fall asleep?

2. Be realistic: set yourself an easy routine that you can stick to as opposed to a huge amount of practice where you feel like you cannot cope. This will only make you stressed, which is totally the opposite of being relaxed! Pick the tools and techniques that you are most comfortable with.

3. Use some “Anchors” such as doing your pelvic exercises when you stop at a traffic light, you could also stick positive birth affirmations on the bathroom wall so that you can read whilst you are brushing your teeth and why not practice your breathing techniques when you go to bed, before you listen to Relax with Nature MP3.

4. Make your practice part of your commute: Listen to the Birth Affirmations MP3* when you are heading for work or when you are out and about. You could also take The Wise Hippo manual with you to read whilst on public transport and go through the birth stories on page 125, this will help your subconscious get all the right positive feelings about birth in preparation for the big day.

5. Keep the positive visuals flowing: log onto The Wise Hippo clients area and watch some or all of the videos that are available, looking at imagery really helps increase the confidence towards birth and will get you in the right mindset.

6. In contrast to point 5, avoid watching all the drama! Keep away from One Born Every Minute, Call the Midwife or any other show that will only give you negative vibes. Keep away from horror birth stories, you wouldn’t believe how much people love to share these! Put your cloak of protection when you need to.

7. Practice with your partner: soothing strokes, anchoring or birth partner’s script; you don’t have to do it all, just the techniques that feel right for you. The more you practice before the big day, the more in sync with each other you will be.

…And last but not least, I am here for you! Keep in touch and let me know if this article was helpful and if there are any other topics that you would like to read about. Email me at

*Only MP3 that you can listen when you are driving or when you are doing activities that require concentration.

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