Bonnie & Daniel’s Birth Story

February 22, 2022

Bonny & Daniel’s Birth Story

Bonny shares her beautiful Hospital birth story. Bonny and Daniel discovered Hypnobirthing when they were expecting their first child and in the middle of the pandemic. They did Tranquilo’s Group Hypnobirthing course on Zoom.


So labour began at 1.15am(ish!) on a Monday morning. We had actually just spent the weekend sorting the house a little bit – going through the rather limited selection of baby clothes we had bought so far, as well as semi-packing a hospital bag, and just generally doing a good spring clean!


Anyway, I woke at about 1.00am Monday morning needing the bathroom and feeling some tightening, but having had Braxton Hix frequently in the evenings throughout the final trimester was not alarmed or even suspicious. However, from that point onwards I couldn’t get back to sleep as the tightening was lasting a bit longer and distracting me, and I started to constantly need to go to the bathroom… at which point I started to realise what might now be the reality!


I rang the midwife-led unit and was asked to stay at home and monitor the timing of contractions, have a bath and stay as comfortable as possible (take some paracetamol to ease any growing discomfort – of which I did take one on a precautionary basis!)
We stayed at home a good few hours and as long as possible. I had a bath and generally pottered around the bedroom finding different sitting and kneeling positions as the contractions increased and intensified. In the early hours I just sat in the chair in our bedroom and listened to the various Hypnobirthing MP3’s, which kept me very calm and just gently helped to regulate my breathing. Having attended the course and listened to these each day, again a sense of comfort from the familiarity and practised exercise was therapeutic. It was also comforting to be at home, in familiar surroundings and with a certain level of freedom and privacy. The effect of having a bath did seem to physically relax my body too.


By about 7.00am, the contractions were fairly regular and we called the unit again, and were advised to come in to be assessed. And so we got into the car – my partner was particularly nervous just at this moment as we were heading into the city at rush hour(!) I remember trying to manage the contractions in the car which was a little difficult as I was strapped in and couldn’t quite configure myself into a comfortable position. The hypnobirthing counting (1,2,3,4,5, relax) practise was especially helpful here, and I leaned on this to get me through the car journey.


On arrival, I was invited into a room where the midwife would assess me. I recall that a cold flannel at this point became my best friend, both for keeping me cool, resting on my forehead and occasionally gnawing on out of comfort (and thirst!). In retrospect, the next bit must have been quite amusing! Given it was my first baby and labour had only begun at 1.00am, I think the assumption would be that I was either going home, or still had a way to go.

However, after examining me the expression on the midwife’s face changed quite dramatically…. It appeared that I was 10cm dilated and already pushing so it was time to meet the baby!


Given how much we’d progressed with labour at home (unexpectedly on the part of the hospital staff!) they hadn’t yet had a chance to go through my notes at this stage. So the midwife retrieved them from my bag and started studying! We were taken round to a delivery suite with two totally lovely midwives. Again, the sensations were of quite intense pressure, and then really the need to push (which I think I had started doing before being transferred to the bed in the delivery suite).


We were in the delivery suite by about 9.00am and I recall keeping the counting practice going throughout, and relied on the flannel to keep me comfortable and my temperature down. The midwives were a fantastic support to positions and breathing rhythms, guiding me as to what was going on, next steps and just following their instructions. I was on my side and semi-upright for the birth.



I think I remember saying to myself that the labour was worse than the birth section, as the birth feels like a constructive way to relieve the pressure. Your body takes over and you just respond to the process. I could feel the baby moving down and then the final moments I just pushed when the contraction took over and tried to keep it going as long as possible under the guidance from the midwives.



It all happened relatively quickly, and baby girl (we had left it a surprise!) was born at 9.36am. What a start to the week! We stayed in the delivery suite room for most of the day – it was nice to get the regular observations. We stayed the night and benefited from frequent visits from the midwives and valuable support with breastfeeding (as well as tuition in nappy changing and how to hold a baby!)


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