Birth Affirmations: add them to your Hypnobirthing journey

February 10, 2021
Birth Affirmations are a great addition to your Hypnobirthing journey. In this article I explain what Birth Affirmations are and why they should be part of your daily routine.



What are Birth Affirmations?


“Birth Affirmations are a structured way to practice new thoughts.” as explained in The Wise Hippo course book.


Affirmations are statements such as “I am relaxed and looking forward to the birth of my baby.” or “During labour my muscles work together in complete harmony.” As you read these two statements, notice how positive they are. Notice that they are written in the present tense. There is no room for doubt.


At the Wise Hippo, most of our Hypnosis relaxation sessions have birth affirmations “hidden” in the text. In addition to this, we also have a section in our course book where we explain how to use them and we even provide mums with a list of over 30 birth affirmations. Of course, mums can use their own if they prefer!

Are they effective? Why should I use them?


“In time, positive thoughts about birthing will become new habits of thinking and this in turn gives you the opportunity to have the birth you seek.” As written in The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme course book.


So… you might not be in labour while you repeat to yourself “During labour my muscles work in complete harmony.” However, when you say it you create images in your mind and in turn you build an emotional connection. This is what our subconscious understands: visual images & emotions so the more you say it, the more your mind will believe that your muscles will work in harmony when in labour; and in turn the more confident you will become towards your baby’s birth. Our brain learns through repetition so practice is key to change any outdated beliefs.

This is the main reason why Birth Affirmations are an invaluable addition in any mum’s Hypnobirthing journey.

How to add them to your Hypnobirthing practice



Make them part of your routine. For example, copy the affirmations from The Wise Hippo Book or from our Instagram @tranquilobirthing and print them. Stick them in places where you can see them on a regular basis like next to the bathroom mirror or by the side of your bed. Read them aloud a couple of times a day and try to visualise their meaning.

Add extra Birth Affirmations power by listening to The Wise Hippo Affirmation MP3 during the day when you are active. If you haven’t done our course, you can read your own affirmations out loud and record them or get your birth partner to record them in his/her voice.


The more you listen to any of The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme’s relaxation hypnosis MP3’s at night the more you will be immersed in them without even realising!


Birth Affirmations are a great way to get into the right state of mind to meet your baby. This is a simple yet powerful technique to start looking forward to your baby’s birth.



Have you got a question about birth affirmations? Or would you like to receive some Printable Birth Affirmations by email? Email me at If you would like to hear more about Hypnobirthing “The Wise Hippo way” why not join us on one of our Introduction to Hypnobirthing sessions? We offer Private or group sessions, check our  Hypnobirthing Classes.

Have you finished your course and would like to know how to practice? Read our post: How to stay on top of your hypnobirthing practice

You might have noticed that I mention The Wise Hippo a lot… The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is the Hypnobirthing course that we teach at Tranquilo Birthing. Here is their website: The Wise Hippo

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