Alicia and David’s Birth Story

February 24, 2022

Alicia shares the birth of her second child with us. Alicia and David only discovered Hypnobirthing only two weeks prior to her Due Date. They took an intensive course with me, and I tailored it to over all the essencials for a positive hospital birth.



My name is Alicia and I come from Spain, where as a standard procedure everyone gets the epidural when giving birth. However I live in The Netherlands, where giving birth is always done in the most natural way, even at home.

In 2016 I had a baby boy after 18 hours delivery. It was my first baby and I asked for the epidural, which slowed down the process quite a lot.

Now, in 2020 I was pregnant for the second time and I knew I wanted a fast and if possible painless delivery. But… I was not sure if I would be able to handle the pain without the epidural… That’s why I contacted Maria, from Tranquilo Birthing. She helped me to gain the confidence I needed and gave me plenty of tools for a natural and successful delivery.

Nine days after my due date I started to lose some amniotic liquid. My midwife checked and told me I was already 5 cm dilated. I haven’t had any surges so far. She broke my waters and since there was some meconium we went to the hospital straight away.

After the midwife broke my waters the surges came. The discomfort was increasing but I was focused on breathing and staying calm and relaxed. My partner helped me a lot; he held me on different positions, massaged my back, walked and danced with me… I must confess at a certain point I thought about the epidural. My surges were so strong that I felt I was at my limit! Fortunately that meant that I was fully dilated and ready to push my baby down.

After three or four pushes baby Sol was here!

It was the birth that I had pictured on my mind: fast, 3 hours, natural, without epidural or oxitocine, and in terms of pain, let’s say it was doable!

Thank you Maria and Tranquilo Birthing for your help!!

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