Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal education programme that will teach you all that you need to know to birth your baby feeling confident and calm. You will learn how your body prepares for birth, what to expect and how to cope with all the sensations. We will also provide you with a variety of tools and techniques such as Hypnotherapy, breathing and visualisation exercises, birth affirmations; apart from showing you beautiful birth videos kindly shared by couples who have done our programme, working with your birth partner and even helping you write your ideal birth plan.

Hypnobirthing is about losing the fear of birth so that in turn your body will be able to produce the right hormones for a quicker and easier birth.

What is a Hypnobirthing course like?

Each class of the course is different but we will be doing some relaxation techniques in class including a hypnosis session, and we will also be looking at positive birth videos from some of our Wise Hippo mums. All group classes at the moment are held on Zoom, these work the same way as the face-to-face classes. Cameras must be on and there will be times for you to participate as well. Classes are relaxed and friendly.

Should I attend alone or with my partner?

I recommend that both you and your birth partner attend if possible. Birth partners are your supportive rock in the birthing room and they should be very aware of how you want to birth. However, if they are not able to attend and many mums attend by themselves, I offer a Private Facebook Group only for trainees where I upload class recordings (no groups are recorded) for everybody to practice and catch up.

Is hypnobirthing only for natural births?

No, hypnobirthing will provide you with the tools to have the right birth on the day no matter whether it is a natural birth or a caesarean one. Remaining calm and in control regardless of your type of birth will completely change your experience.

How does the Zoom training work?

The programme is the same. I will be screen sharing so that couples still get the full experience of the course. There will be times when couples will mute themselves and time for participation and questions. Couples can also choose whether they prefer to turn off their video for the hypnosis session.

Do I need to live locally to attend the classes?

Tranquilo will be offering a digital pack soon where you will be able to learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. However, if you prefer to do the training live with me, there are two options: Zoom classes or in-person if you live in London or close to NW London. 

Do you offer Refunds?

In the event that you decide not to do the course, you can get 50% of your money back up to four weeks prior to the start of the course. If you need to change the schedule, I can move you to the next available course providing that there is space. If you booked a private course then we can work together to find a suitable date and time. If you miss a class then you can watch it back in the Private Facebook Group so that you don’t miss out.

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